Work hard

Millions are criticising, thousands are talking, and only some are doing. And those who do are then attacked by these millions again. The same is for professional public relations. If one does not talk often does not mean that one does not have a PR strategy. Public relations strategy does not necessarily imply communicating a lot, PR is not an ad, and there is no need to have ten appearances per day to reach the result. Monitoring, analysing, listening, discussing, consulting are at the core of PR. After that, you have a shot straight to the point - one can think you are lucky or it is an overnight success as Biz Stone points out. PR is not different from the other work - hard, long and routine work ensures the result. Christopher Issac Stone is an πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ entrepreneur and co-founder of Twitter and other internet-based services.

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