The reality is full when it is understood

I frequently feel that I say one thing and get the question or remark back from which I understand that my message was misinterpreted. It is more often happens with written text - if I have a privilege to get into a written conversation related to my client, I need to be very precise with the words I am spreading to my discussion partner. My discussion partner will interpret my message according to her or his knowledge, education, life experience, mood, and other unpredictable factors. If you want to pass your message at least 50% right, you need to know not everything but a lot about your partner. Today's quote is by Stuart Ewen, an 🇺🇸  author, lecturer & Distinguished Professor at Hunter College and the City University of New York Graduate Center. Stuart says it is the battle from a historical perspective. And at least a series of matches from the daily routine angle .

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