Picnic Society Concept

The name Picnic Society comes from the idea that modern PR has transformed from PR (Public Relations) to PR (People Relations). We believe that in our social world, we need to stop thinking about a hierarchical way of communication and dive into flat group-to-group communication. Very similar to how we communicate during the picnic in the park: a lot of discussions around the plaids, many contacts with other plaids and only sometimes dropping the attention to the public concert. We call this type of communication - "picnical", and that is why the project is named Picnic Society.

Picnic Society vision is to become a valuable resource for every PR professional by providing various tools dedicated to support their daily professional activities and help to explain PR principles in a simple, original and attractive manner.

Picnic Society project began with Public Relations Calendar 2021 which was very well accepted by many PR professionals in Europe. The calendar has 323 pages filled with famous PR quotes, facts and more to inspire PR professional everyday & helping to express difficult people relations things in a simple way.

Since the beginning of 2021 Picnic Society has a blog written by Andrius Kasparas. The blog posts are related to the quotes in the calendar by comparing them with routine PR professional situations.

The project is to expand step-by-step by adding new contents and products - everything specifically dedicated to PR newcomer, lover or professional. Thank you for visiting us & we would love to hear from you in case you have comments or remarks.

Andrius Kasparas

Andrius Kasparas is the beginner, owner & the leader of the project. He has more than 20 years of experience in PR. Andrius Kasparas participated or led more than 150 various PR projects locally and on an international level, was a speaker & participant of many PR conferences in the world, participated in a daily work of professional organisations and had lections for university students. You can find more about Andrius Kasparas by clicking on a link.